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Toppenish Caboose Joins the Active List

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The Northern Pacific Railway Museum at Toppenish acquired the former Northern Pacific caboose number 1238 a number of years ago from Nalleys, Inc. of Tacoma, Washington.  It had been in use by Nalleys at Seattle’s Kingdome stadium for an entertainment venue.  Before that it had been in use as an office for Jack Anderson’s restoration project of former Northern Pacific 4-6-0 number 1364 at Nalley Valley in Tacoma.

Both the 1364 and the 1238 have ended up at Toppenish where their restorations have moved into high gear.  By Sunday, June 13, 2010 caboose number 1238 was complete enough to make several trips around the Toppenish yard.  Toppenish crews had joined with Northern Pacific Caboose Restoration Newsletter caboose owners on their 2010 Caboose Hop to get the 1238 nearly finished on Saturday.  Saturday evening the Toppenish group hosted a delicious salmon barbecue, followed by a powerpoint presentation on Northern Pacific wood cabooses by Ken Johnsen.  On Sunday, everyone was treated to rides on the newly refurbished caboose.

Mike Starks of Eugene, Oregon and Dr. Doug Shearer of Toppenish attach the footboards for caboose 1238's catwalk to its roof.

N.P. caboose number 1238 proudly tours the Toppenish yards in its first public operation in decades.

Caboose owners on their 2010 N.P.C.R.N. Caboose Hop helped the Toppenish group restore their caboose to operating condition and were treated to the first rides on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

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Northern Pacific Caboose Active at Monticello Railway Museum

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Northern Pacific caboose number 1321 last operated on BN in Denver in 1972. It passed through successive owners until 1981 when John Abelson of Urbana, Illinois bought it. John arranged to have it hauled on its own wheels on a Union Pacific train from Denver to the Monticello Railway Museum in Monticello, Illinois.

John and other museum members restored the caboose to its Northern Pacific appearance and it has operated at the museum for years. When the replica steam locomotive Leviathan visited the museum in 2009, a suitable car was sought for it to pull. John’s caboose was chosen.

How many other Northern Pacific cabooses are still in operation?

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